Lynde Mott (invite)

琳德·莫特(Lynde Mott)是一位藝術家,壁畫家和歷史插圖畫家,專門研究大型油畫作品。她還從事其他多種媒體的創作,創作包括了大型彩色玻璃馬賽克,剪報牆紙和人造雕刻框架等。


她的作品已通過AltusFine Art, Cornerstone Art和Cedar Fort Inc,Ensign,BYU雜誌,Creative Living雜誌和猶他谷雜誌出版。她的畫作目前在耶穌基督後期聖徒教會歷史與藝術博物館,鹽湖城博物館,美國猶他州普萊森特格羅夫市圖書館以及猶他州各市的公立學校中展出。



Lynde Mott is an artist, muralist, and historical illustrator specializing in large figurative works in oil paint. She also engages in a variety of other mediums, creating large stained glass mosaics, decoupage wallpaper, and faux carved frames, to name a few.

After living in several locations throughout the United States, Lynde continued her education in Illustration and Design at BYU, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

Her work has been published through Altus Fine Art, Cornerstone Art, and Cedar Fort Inc, as well as in the Ensign, BYU Magazine, Creative Living Magazine, and Utah Valley Magazine.  Her paintings are currently on display at the LDS Church Museum of History and Art, the DUP Museum in Salt Lake City, PG City Library, and several public schools throughout the state.

Every room in Mott’s home features a mural and every corner of her heart yearns for clarity and big “T” Truth. She runs her own mental health practice that incorporates a lot of energy and emotional release modalities along with an emphasis on proper nutrition to improve all aspects of wellness. She loves working in her ‘artistic,’ yet productive garden and orchard, hunting for creative vintage clothing, and exploring expansive ideas.

Mott lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with her fabulously supportive husband, three handsome sons, two chickens, and a canary.

“Love and Labor” Oil on Board 36″ x 46″

The intricate folds of his wife’s quilt lies in contrast but also quite cohesively next to the husband’s large, limestone medium, showing the reality of both individual’s loyalty to their work and their relationships.

Good Samaritan

A group of young girls apply first aid to their friends scrapped knee.